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Although Linux is widespread due to the prevalence of Android, the operating system is relatively uncommon on home PCs. Windows and MacOS take up the majority of the home computer market. Many people do prefer Linux to the other two giants, however. Perhaps the best-known Linux based system on PC is Ubuntu, which is based on an earlier Linux OS called Debian.sign1
So how does Ubuntu compare to a more standard operating system like Windows?


As Linux is open-source, Ubuntu provides far more personalization options as the code is editable, unlike Windows or MacOS, making it popular amongst coders. It is considered very user-friendly too, with multiple different Ubuntu-based interfaces available. It is worth noting however that many companies prioritize Windows or MacOS over Linux, so the selection of drivers and the like can be more restricted.


There are also more software limitations as many programs are not configured for Ubuntu. For some, that is a deal breaker, but for those who like the OS, they would tell you that those limitations are minuscule compared to the additional power that you get from the OS itself. It basically comes down to preference and how the OS will be used. For most IT professionals who are serious about what they do, you will find one of the many distros on their machines.software
Many gamers complain about a lacking game environment for Linux, but Steam is now on Linux making the variety of available titles almost the same as that for PC and Mac. There are also ways to play Windows and Mac programs from inside the Ubuntu OS which makes it one of the best options out there for those in the know.


Ubuntu is much smaller than a system like Windows which makes it considerably faster to install and run. It also doesn’t load with all kinds of unnecessary add-ons which speeds it up even more. This is another reason why it is popular with IT professionals.


Ubuntu, like Linux systems in general, is considered very safe. Although there are fewer antivirus options available for Ubuntu than say, Windows, there are also fewer viruses floating around that can affect Linux-based systems. In fact, in Linux-based systems, a simple line of code will search your machine and delete or quarantine any foreign code that does not belong. Linux and Ubuntu make viruses a non-issue.


Ubuntu is free, fast and easy to use. It’s highly customizable with its editable source code, and its relatively small usage and privileges layout mean that there are fewer viruses for it. There are many different versions of the OS project to choose from which means that there is the perfect OS for everyone.

When you prefer Linux, there is no need to join the flock. Your computer becomes yours again and yours alone. There are no locked files or libraries of files that you have no permission to modify. As the owner of the OS, you have complete control of your own machine.

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